Big Strappin’ Fag Show

Lee Lucas: An openly gay, openly HIV positive cabaret artist – was conceived in West Virginia, but, thankfully, was born in California. He began his professional career at the age…

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About Big Strappin’ Fag Show…

Lee Lucas: An openly gay, openly HIV positive cabaret artist – was conceived in West Virginia, but, thankfully, was born in California. He began his professional career at the age of 10 and has appeared in over 30 plays and musicals. After years of working in television and film, including “Mother, Mother”, an award-winning AIDS drama with Polly Bergan and Piper Laurie, Lee made the decision to come out and work openly as a Gay artist. Consequently, he stopped working. Returning to cabaret and theater, he has since carved his own niche with Gay and Straight audiences the world over.

“No one should be able to make me both laugh and cry, and still look that good!” – Joe Morris, Drama-Logue.

Recorded LIVE at the Cinegrill in the world famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Lee sings with the voice of an angel and the wit of a devil in this “cabaret for homos”. With songs by DALE GONYEA, LINDY ROBBINS & GERALD STERNBACH, and CHARLES BLOOM among others and featuring specialty material by Lee himself.

“There is something here guaranteed to offend everyone! – Show Music

Track Listing

1 Hokey Pokey
2 Big Strappin' Fag
3 Somewhere That's Green
4 Lesbians
5 A Well Spoken Woman
6 John And Fred
7 Old Friend
8 I Don't Remember Stonewall
9 A Horrible Story
10 Love Is A Promise
11 And A Pizza To Go
12 Fifty Percent
13 Ethel
14 I'm Still Here
15 Big Strappin' Fag II
16 Ray Of Hope
17 What Is That?
18 My Funny Valentine

Praise for Big Strappin’ Fag Show…

  • “Lee Lucas’ The Big Strappin’ Fag Show is a very different live recording made at Hollywood’s Cinegrill. Lucas is an openly gay, HIV-positive actor-singer. When he came out he was unable to get work in films and television, in spite of having made a good living in those media in the past, so he returned to cabaret and theatre. Although much of Lucas’ comedy material is very funny, there are things in it that will most likely offend nearly everyone. His act includes several show tunes, among them Little Shop Of Horrors’ ‘Somewhere That’s Green’, I’m Getting My Act Together’s ‘Old Friend’ and Funny Girl’s ‘The Music That Makes Me Dance’. There are originals as well, such as Wayne Moore’s amusing ‘And A Pizza To Go’ and Don Paul Yowell’s moving ‘Ray of Hope’. Follies’ ‘I’m Still Here’ has lyrics that personalize it to Lucas’ life. His show ends with a lovely version of ‘My Funny Valentine’”

  • “…Lucas also recorded his first CD last year, The Big Strappin’ Fag Show: Cabaret 4 Homos (self-produced under the Ducy Lee banner with Wayne Moore) which is selling well in gay/lesbian bookstores and show-biz outlets. ‘Many who have purchased it tell me they keep finding things which help them laugh at the same foibles in their lives. And a lot give it as gifts to those recently diagnosed with HIV – they feel it gives a positive image of someone living with the disease, giving some comfort and hope about coping with the obstacles’. So Lee Lucas is a man on the move!”

    — a&u magazine
  • “Big Strappin’ Smash! This is a fun recital of some fab tunes! This man can sing, but he is also funny!!! His rewrite of “I’m Still Here” by Sondheim is smashing, and other tracks like “John And Fred” and “50 Percent” are equally impressive. I heard the CD a long time ago but just thought of it again and decided to buy a copy. It’s not snoozy, easy listening or overwrought Mandy Patinkin, it’s simply one of the best solo singer musical-theatre-laden CDs of recent years.”


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