In Nobody’s Shadow

Album art for In Nobody’s Shadow

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Track Listing

1 I Am
2 So Did I
3 I Wish
4 Missing
5 I Could Dare
6 At The Pound
7 Not That I Care
8 Mama
9 The Man On The Stage
10 Mr. Wonderful
11 I Don't Want To Scare You Away
12 High Tea With Lewis And Carroll
13 For The Moment
14 No Harm Done
15 The Best Thing To Happen To Me
16 Twixt Heaven & Hell
17 Your Dog
18 The Lion And The Lark
19 Nobody's Been Livin' My Life

Praise for In Nobody’s Shadow…

  • “Second- and third-generation show-business careers are not exactly front-page news in the glittering Southland entertainment world.

    Even in the relatively rarefied arena of film composing and songwriting, there are such notable examples as the remarkable Newman family and, a coast away, the offspring of Richard Rodgers.

    “Babbie Green, one of our most lyrically adept composers, combines the exquisite precision of Emily Dickinson, the pointed wit of Dorothy Parker… underlying intelligence characterizes Green’s work.”

    — Drama-Logue (L.A. Cabaret)
  • “Babbie Green’s music is ironic and wistful.. .with a decided edge.”

    — Drama-Logue (N.Y./N.Y.)
  • “Green is both a wonderful melody writer and sharp lyricist.”

    — Glendale News-Press
  • “…breathtaking originality.. .an extraordinary talent.. .her range.. .from the sweetly lyrical to wryly humorous, off-the-wall ditties. Good stuff, all of it, underscoring everything with the kind of harmonic subtlety and melodic flow one only hears in the most gifted songwriters.”

    — L.A. Times

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Babbie Green is a passionate story teller. Whether as a singer-songwriter at the piano or an actor on the stage, she creates characters and situations in which audiences see themselves. Winner-of the first Johnny Mercer Songwriting Award and the 1994…