It All Belongs To You

Album art for It All Belongs To You

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Track Listing

1 You Irritate Me So
2 Come Along With Me
3 Dream Dancing
4 They All Fall In Love
5 How Could We Be Wrong
6 Hasta Luego
7 At Long Last Love (alternate lyric)
8 Easy To Love
9 Why Don’t We Try Staying Home
10 It Must Be Fun To Be You
11 It's Just Yours
12 It All Belongs to You

Praise for It All Belongs To You…

  • “His easygoing style harkens back to the days when they used to call men such as him crooners, and his wry sense of humor and laid-back manner instantly set an audience at ease. Then he lets his nimble fingers traipse over the ivories, and it all adds up to rare and grand entertainment.”

    — 2001 After Dark Award
  • “Comic charm…He can wring more wry humor from a perfectly innocent lyric than most.”

    — Chicago Tribune
  • “Understatement is what he brings to his performance, along with an obvious great joy in sharing these rediscovered treasures.”

    — Cabaret Scenes Magazine
  • “Justin Hayford is an original with a passion for understanding why our hearts are moved through song.”

    — Cabaret Hotline

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