It’s A Good Day

A TRIBUTE TO MISS PEGGY LEE An intimately swinging project, fresh with courageous takes on Peggy Lee’s famous canon. Joining forces with Jon Weber, Steve Doyle, and Bucky Pizzarelli, Miss…

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An intimately swinging project, fresh with courageous takes on Peggy Lee’s famous canon. Joining forces with Jon Weber, Steve Doyle, and Bucky Pizzarelli, Miss Sullivan evokes Lee, but deftly applies her own stamp to each and every song. To complete the picture, the album introduces “The Folks Back Home,” (a previously unreleased song by Lee and Paul Horner,) and Stacy Sullivan possesses the musicianship and vocal chops to do both Peggy Lee and the material justice. 

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  • “Sly and subtle, Stacy Sullivan, like Peggy Lee, is a master of suggestion. There's a wink in her voice, and when you hear her on this gorgeous, intimately swinging album, you know that wink is meant only for you.”

    — David Hajdu, Music Critic - The New Republic
  • “With her blond long hair caressing her shoulders, Stacy Sullivan, the seventh sibling in the multi- talented Sullivan family, has never been better than she is in her ‘A Tribute to Miss Peggy Lee.’ Sullivan is a revelation. Watch for a repeat engagement of this show! It will be a contender for every award this year.”

    — Joe Regan, Jr. - Times Square Chronicles
  • “Stacy Sullivan is a consummate swinger in the jazz idiom - she sings with effortless ease and joy, puts the audience totally at ease with her charm and style. She won our audience totally, and got a standing ovation, which doesn't happen often. They couldn't wait to buy her CDs after the show.”

    — Ronny Whyte, Midtown Jazz at Midday
  • “I enjoyed every minute of Stacy Sullivan’s tribute to my grandmother, Peggy Lee. I was impressed how Stacy and her wonderful musicians put their own unique spin on each song and stayed away from any sort of imitation. From the thoughtful song selection (with some hidden gems) and the creative arrangements, I found myself listening to the songs as if hearing them for the first time. Though the show focuses on the music of Peggy Lee, it’s really Stacy’s show, and that of her musicians Jon Weber, Steve Doyle, and Bucky Pizzarelli. I appreciated all of the ways in which they made the songs their own, and yet, in each note I could feel their passion for the music and their deep appreciation for my grandmother. I know that my grandmother would be thrilled, as I am, that Stacy is introducing Peggy’s music to new audiences as well as giving Peggy’s fans a chance to once again hear these great songs.”

    — Holly Foster Wells, VP, Peggy Lee Associates, LLC
  • “This show is inspiring and the storytelling grace of Ms. Sullivan is sensational. One could talk about the brilliance of the musical director and pianist, Jon Weber, and the soulful passion of the bass player, Steve Doyle. One could even mention the beauty and poise of Ms. Sullivan and her stage presence. One could do that or one could talk about the sheer talent and power that Ms. Sullivan shares with her audience – an audience that is caressed and embraced with an energy that transcends mere talent and soars to the heights of healing those in her presence. That is what Ms. Sullivan achieves. She reaches out with her life energy and shares it with each individual.”

    — Russ Weatherford, Times Square Chronicles
  • “I have been a lifelong Peggy Lee fan. Now, I am also a Stacy Sullivan fan. On what would have been her 92nd birthday, singer/ songwriter Peggy Lee was honored last night at The Stage at Island Park in Fargo. Stacy and Company brought their ‘Tribute to Miss Peggy Lee’ from NY to Fargo and the night before to Jamestown. It’s a flat out terrific show. Over the famous Fever bass line, Sullivan quietly sings Irving Berlin’s Cheek to Cheek. The affect is dazzling and as close as she gets to singing Miss Lee’s signature song. Unlike other tribute shows, hers is not a collection of Peggy Lee hits. In the show, Sullivan sings only the Peggy Lee songs that add to the telling of her life story.”

    — Terry Dullum, The Dullum File
  • “Patter is minimal, illustrative and effective. Anecdotes fit. Warmth is palpable. Sullivan’s delivery is silky, but strong, stylish and cooool. A hint of stage whisper and the slightest growl immediately evokes Lee, but make no mistake, this is not an imitative show, it’s an interpretive one. She’s almost motionless in her poise, focused on the truth of each song. When her arm rises it’s as though thoughts need to expand. “Hey There” you with the stars in your eyes (Richard Adler/Jerry Ross), filled with looping, sustained notes, intoxicates. Completely original. Arrangements are impeccable. Though the songs are sheer Lee, Sullivan deftly applies her own stamp. Sullivan is in command, and having a helluva time.”

    — Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town
  • “I’ve long been a fan of Stacy Sullivan, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her quite so free-spirited, so radiantly in love with performing. To complete the picture, Stacy Sullivan possesses the musicianship and vocal chops to do both Peggy Lee and the material justice.
    Sullivan delivers an exquisitely delicate reading of Meredith Wilson’s ‘Till There Was You,’ and her brooding, introspective rendition of ‘Johnny Guitar’ is superb.
    Another level on which the evening works is theatrical, i.e., as a show. One aspect of this dimension is the evening’s high entertainment quotient- an accomplishment that took a high degree of imagination to conceive and interpretive skill to pull off. Thinking back on the show as I’m writing this has made me yearn to see it again. What a wonderful thing to be able to say.”

    — Roy Sander, Bistro Awards
  • “Stacy Sullivan’s new CD ‘It’s a Good Day’ is truly a mini-masterpiece. Every song is fresh – all the charts so imaginative in giving us bits of the Peggy hits as comments on the wonderful lesser known songs.
    Are you getting that I enjoyed it? I did. What’s distinctive about it, if I may say one more thing, is that I was touched by her vulnerability. Kind of a thing you don’t necessarily feel with a “jazz (cool)” recording. But Peggy did that in her “homespun” songs very much – and, with her soft, heartfelt readings of some of the those lines, Stacy’s gone even further. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if she makes me cry one more time, we’re through.”

    — Steve Ross

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Stacy Sullivan, winner of the Backstage Bistro Award and the MAC Award for Outstanding Female New York Debut, has appeared in venues across the country, from Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York to the Ford Theatre in Hollywood. Joined…