Album art for Journeys

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Track Listing

1 Journey to the Past
2 Look What Happened to Mabel
3 Summer Before the War
4 You've Got Possibilties / I Believe In You
5 A Trip to the Library
6 Lullaby
7 Sleeping Beauty / Wherever He Ain't
8 As Long as the Moon Can Shine
9 Jenny Rebecca
10 Slipping Through My Fingers
11 Stolen Child
12 We've Well on Our Way

Praise for Journeys…

  • “In a show called “Journeys” at Don’t Tell Mama, Wendy Coates exhibited a unique combination of vulnerability and toughness. A diminutive performer with a little girl voice, Coates used the events in her life and career as the cornerstone of her act. This structure is generally overused in cabaret, but Coates got past the autobiographical cliches by setting up each song she sang with care, as well as generally choosing her songs with a thoughtful originality. The centerpiece of her act, inspired by an incident in her life, was a song called “Stolen Child”, and she presented it with theatrical flair. Her act certainly sailed because she sang with a genuine commitment to her material and she presented a personality that was open and honest. Her debut CD, also called “Journeys”, approximates her emotionally compelling act.”

    — Bistro Bits – Barbara and Scott Siegel – Back Stage, April 27, 2001

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Wendy Coates has an extensive musical theatre and cabaret background. The recording of her acclaimed show Journeys was released by LML Music in 2000. Journeys was an intimate collaboration with Musical Director Christpher Denny and Director Andrew Sellon. It was…