Kurt Weill: The Centennial

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Track Listing

1 Pirate Jenny - Charlotte Rae
2 I'm A Stranger Here Myself - Jodi Stevens
3 Economics - Jane A. Johnston
4 Is It Him Or Is It Me? - Pam Dawber
5 Barbara Song - Linda Purl
6 Lullaby - Kathryn Skatula, Mary VanArsdel
7 That's Him - Nancy Dussault
8 Don't Look Now - Sharon Lawrence
9 Apple Jack - Norm Lewis
10 Speak Low - Sally Kellerman
11 September Song - Rod McKuen
12 Ice Cream Sextet - Ira Denmark, Michael Devries, David Holladay, Sean Smith, Kathryn Skatula, Mary VanArsdel
13 Wouldn't You Like To Be On Broadway? - Mellisa Dye, David Holladay
14 What Good Would The Moon Be - Melissa Dye
15 It Never Was You - Hugh Panaro
16 We'll Go Away Together - Melissa Dye, Hugh Panaro
17 Tschaikowsky - Jack Noseworthy
18 The Saga Of Jenny - Carole Cook
19 Surabaya Johnny - Tim Curry
20 My Ship - Shirley Jones
21 Mack The Knife - Loretta Devine
22 Lost In The Stars - Brock Peters

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