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“NAKED BOYS SINGING” premiered at the Celebration Theater in Los Angeles on March 28, 1998 … and is still playing somewhere in the world right now! The New York company…

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About Naked Boys Singing…

“NAKED BOYS SINGING” premiered at the Celebration Theater in Los Angeles on March 28, 1998 … and is still playing somewhere in the world right now! The New York company opened in 1999 followed by productions in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Florida, and international productions in England, Italy, Australia and South Africa.

The show is a celebration of things “Male” with wonderfully rowdy and funny new songs by some of the best new composers around including creator/director ROBERT SCHROCK and musical director STEPHEN BATES.

original cast member TRANCE THOMPSON

The songs are funny, frequently outrageous and often movng, but the best surprise for the audience is how well these boys can sing! Everyone expects a lot of eye candy (and they get it) but the beautiful voices and compelling acting of the company make “NAKED BOYS SINGING” a real treat.

Songs: “Gratuitous Nudity” Bates & Schrock
“The Naked Maid” David Pevsner
“The Bliss of a Bris” Marie Cain
“Window To Window” Rayme Sciaroni
“Fight The Urge” David Pevsner & Rayme Sciaroni
“Robert Mitchum” Mark Winkler & Shelly Markham
“Jack’s Song” Jim Morgan & Ben Schachter
“Member’s Only” Bates & Schrock
“Perky Little Porn Star” David Pevsner
“Nothin’ But The Radio On” Winkler & Markham
“Kris, Look What You’ve Missed” Bates & Schrock
“Muscle Addiction” Mark Savage
“The Entertainer” Trance Thompson & Perry Hart
“Naked Boys Singing” Stephen Bates

DUCY LEE RECORDINGS is all about the new songwriters for the theater. I’m proud to help distribute this wonderful collection of work. Go see the show somewhere: it should be easy to find! – Wayne Moore

Praise for Naked Boys Singing…

  • “The honor for Most Unusual Revue should surely go to Los Angeles’ NAKED BOYS SINGING. To get the obvious questions out of the way: first, yes, they are and do, and second, if the recording session photos can be believed, they did. The show opened in March at the Celebraton Theatre, became a surprise hit, had several – pardon the expression – extensions, and was still running as this was written. The gay sensibility may offend some listeners (as will some language), so be forewarned. But instead of salaciousness, many of the songs, by a number of writers, have frank wit and bawdy good humor, beginning with the opening Gratuitous Nudity, in which it’s admitted there’s no other reason for doing a revue in the nude (“Tonight, you finally get what you paid for … “). It’s all in the ear of the beholder anyway; there are those who will be convinced Jack’s Song is about masturbation, but it isn’t. The Naked Maid puts a new spin on housecleaning. Robert Mitchum is an ode to “normal” movie idols. Fight The Urge is about the peril of community male showering. For Members Only uses every euphemism one has heard (and maybe some one hasn’t) for the male organ. Muscle Addiction will hit home with gym addicts. A couple of songs have serious themes: Stripped is not about what you might imagine, and Kris, Look What You’ve Missed is a moving message to a departed lover. The cast – a dozen, plus Stephen Bates at the piano – are as exposed on CD as on stage, but talent comes through. Though not as much if one were watching them, of course.”

    — Show Music Magazine
  • “Nine guys, all naked, singing lots of fun, campy and sometimes serious musical theatre dittys. Sounds like a good evening to me. Such is the scenario of a brash, new and very gay revue that played to critical raves earlier this year in L.A., now captured on this original cast recording. What easily could have been a bad joke that went a long, long way and written off as another gimmicky play on the naked-boy concept, is actually a clever, exhilaratingly entertaining and irresistibly delicious original musical treat. Sure, some of it’s silly and simplistic, but that’s part of it’s charm. And in this pretty, muscle-boy world we live in, the question of whether nudity is really a “window to the soul” (a theme in the show) is appropriate. This isn’t one of those talentless porn star headlined sucker shows. Conceived by Robert Schrock, the show features a bevy of beautiful actors whose vocal talents are impressive and in-line with some of Broadway’s best. Their strong, masterful voices project loud and clear and do justice to the original and melodic tunes of the various composers and lyricists who contributed to the show’s creation – 11 in all. The 15 musical numbers are clever, witty, and often substansive – not exactly what you’d expect from a show called “Naked Boys Singing!” From the first song, Gratuitious Nudity, you know what you’re in for. Fight The Urge is a hilarious gem about three gay high school boys trying not to get hard-ons in the locker room, while Bliss Of A Bris is a sassy tune about being the guest of honor at a bris – that’s a circumcision for the Jewish impaired. Not all of it is beefcake and buns, though; the show does have its serious moments. In Mark Savage’s moving Stripped, the dehuminization of AIDS is the focus, while the touching Kris, Look What You’ve Missed finds Steve Gideon lamenting over a lost love in a gorgeous musical monologue, reminiscent of 1995′s AIDS musical “Falsettoland.” “Naked Boys Singing” is a refreshing reprieve and a welcome addition at a time when finding ripe musical theatre gems to sing along to at home are becoming fewer and farther apart. So take off your clothes and enjoy the release.”

    — J.L.N. Frontiers
  • “The show does nicely on CD; despite the absence of nudity it makes for a very catchy, listenable collection of songs. And you get to hear the guys perform songs that were written for them so you get the best performances of these songs to date. Grab a copy of this one! … It’s a testament to clever songwriting, solid musical direction and a cast that is up to the challenge of bringing the material to life … Saw this show in Chicago twice and had to have this disc. After several months of waiting I was finally able to purchase this L.A. recording. The wait was worth it. These guys are really fine singers and convey the electricity of the show superbly. The musical numbers range from solos to chorus pieces and are accompanied by a fabulous piano player. The variety of songs is great, too; they are funny, raunchy and touching. Recording quality is clear and upfront. Highly recommended.”

    — buyers’ reviews from

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