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  • “I had the great pleasure of seeing Jim Van Slyke It blew me away. The voice—the stage presence—superb!”

    — Neil Sedaka
  • “The most remarkable hour and a half of show I have ever seen!”

    — Regis Philbin, ABC Television
  • “The Sedaka Show is a winner – hands down… as entertaining as it can get…
    This show breathes new life into Sedaka’s eclectic catalog of tunes”

    — John Hoglund, Theatre Scene
  • “The Sedaka Show is a captivating tribute…with his warm and rich interpretations of songs like The Hungry Years, Should’ve never let you go and Solitaire.”

    — Paulanne Simmons, New York Theatre Wire
  • “Music is in the fiber of Jim Van Slyke’s being…he has a future that’s as golden as his pure, honeyed voice”
    “Certainly he has the voice of an angel. Naturally high and pure, radiating sincerity, he is indeed a perfect fit for the Sedaka songs and style.”

    — Rob Lester, Nightlife Exchange
  • “One of the finest performances seen…It doesn’t get much better than t”

    — Stu Hmastra, Cabaret Hotline
  • “He sings with all his heart” “The show is a wonderful tuneful tribute to Sedaka. Mr. Van Slyke rolls out many of the Great American Songbook songs written by Sedaka in his show…And he does it effortlessly.”

    — Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron,San Francisco
  • “absolutely shines on Sedaka’s true genius, the ballads”

    — Steve Murray, Cabaret Scenes, San Francisco
  • “…the music really shines and shine it does…” “he wins the audience over as he endears himself…”

    — Times Square Chronicles
  • “Neil Sedaka and Jim Van Slyke “a match made in heaven… a champion of the interpreter of Sedaka’s music…”

    — Sandi Durell, Broadway after dark
  • “A performance with musical and dramatic power”

    — Joe Regan Jr., Cabaret Scenes, New York
  • “something truly magical and remarkable…a highly entertaining show from the get-go”
    “Mr. Van Slyke’s beautiful, pure tenor is a perfect match for Mr. Sedaka’s material”
    the duet with Mr. Sedaka was absolutely stunning. Beautifully performed, with Mr. Sedaka himself playing the piano and the two men’s voices blending perfectly”

    — Jenna Esposito, Broadway World
  • “It’s obvious Van Slyke has a shining career ahead.”

    — The NY Examiner

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