Page By Page

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Track Listing

1 Overture
2 Feeling Good
3 Page By Page
4 C. C. Rider
5 Sidewalk Tree
6 Just Being Us
7 Hello Pearl
8 New Possibilites
9 Bloody Mary
10 Summertime Love
11 Dancing With Gene
12 Penn Station - Seesaw
13 My City
14 Who Am I Anyway?
15 On Broadway
16 Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat
17 300 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy
18 Be A Lion
19 Ease On Down The Road
20 Entr'acte / Disco Heat
21 Last Dance
22 Honeysuckle Rose
23 This Joint Is Jumpin'
24 You're Feets Too Big
25 Ain't Misbehavin'
26 J'ai Deux Amour
27 Memory
28 Hollywood Everbody Is A Star
29 An Ode to London
30 I'll Bring You Luck
31 Shambhala
32 Patience (Bonus Track)

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Ken Page, in a career spanning over thirty years, has worked in nearly all areas of the entertainment industry. Motion Pictures: “Dreamgirls”( Max Washington).“Torch, Song, Trilogy”(Murry) and “I’ll Do Anything” (Ken). He voiced the characters, King Gator in “All Dogs…