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Track Listing

1 When We Met
2 My Name is Albert
3 Introduction to Chase
4 Chase
5 Dorothy Fields
6 Herbie Fitch's Twitch
7 Renee Talked 'Redhead'
8 Albert Talks Life and Music
9 Introduction to Early Blue Evening
10 Early Blue Evening
11 Renee Being an Actress
12 It Wonders Me / Young and Foolish
13 Renee in New York
14 Alberto Hague / Big Spanish Moment / Rock for a Pillow
15 Beer Barrel Polka
16 All of my Laughter
17 Albert about Allan Sherman
18 Signs
19 George Abbott Stories
20 Did I Ever Really Live?
21 Mr. Grinch
22 Albert/Dutch Hill Mob
23 Lizzie's Gin
24 Albert Talks favourite song
25 The Tale of the Old Woman
26 I had a Wonderful Time
27 We

Praise for Still Young & Foolish…

  • “The husband and wife team of Albert Hague and Renie Orin light up the room with sparkling and youthful energy, bursting with hilarious anecdotes of Broadway legends and Hollywood scoundrels. Hague delights with some humorous piano tricks and when Orin takes the spotlight, she soars as a singer and as an actor.”

    — Tom Provenzano, 1/16/98 - LA Weekly - Pick of the Week
  • “These endearing, stalwart pros know how to toss off a song as well as an anecdote.”

    — David Kaufman, 11/7/98 - New York Daily News

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Albert Hague and his wife, Renee Orin present an evening of songs, humor, gossip and a few poignant moments, revisiting the highlights of two illustrious careers in 'show biz'. Albert is the composer of many Broadway musicals including "Plain and…