The Don’t Tell Mama Shows

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Track Listing

1 Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
2 Blue Skies
3 All The Things You Are
4 Hey Daddy
5 The Blues
6 It Never Entered My Mind
7 No Moon At All
8 Another Mr. Right
9 Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me
10 Some Other Time
11 Moondance
12 Darktown Strutters' Ball
13 I Can Let Go Now
14 The Goodbye Look
15 New Age Of Love
16 Mean To Me
17 No Moon At All
18 I Know A Place
19 Another Mr. Right
20 Wait A Little While
21 Celebrate Me Home
22 The Search O’ Life
23 If You Follow Me
24 Darktown Strutters’ Ball
25 Ask Me Again
26 Loud Is Good
27 I Saw God
28 Woodstock
29 Runnin’ On Ice
30 6:30 Sunday Morning
31 New Age Of Love
32 I Remember
33 Time To Remember
34 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
35 It Ain’t Necessarily So
36 Darktown Strutters’ Ball
37 Child In Me Again
38 Remember
39 Always
40 The Blues
41 Tribute To Fred & Ginger: Change Partners / Let’s Face The Music and Dance Cheek To Cheek / Puttin’ On The Ritz / Steppin’ Out With My Baby / Let Yourself Go
42 How Deep Is The Ocean
43 Blue Skies
44 I Got The Sun In The Morning
45 Suppertime
46 I Love A Piano
47 All The Things You Are

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  • Nancy LaMott’s new DVD set “The Don’t Tell Mama Shows” captures the greatest female vocalist of all time during her formative years in New York. Like her male equal, Frank Sinatra, LaMott took more than a decade to become a truly sensational singer. Sinatra reached his pinnacle during perhaps the most painful time of his life, between 1955 and 1961 when he was embroiled in a tumultuous marriage and its aftermath with Ava Gardner. Likewise LaMott transformed herself from a great to a sensational singer from 1991 to the time of her death at the end of 1995 while battling a series of serious diseases and operations.

    The concerts on this marvelous DVD collection capture LaMott performing four complete concerts from 1986 to 1988 and prove that true greatness doesn’t happen overnight, but requires years of preparation combined with talent, ability, and a voice that by 1991 would be able to consistently touch the heart of the listener.

    These shows are a fascinating testament to her verve and enormous charm, and if you play these discs on a good surround system you will be mesmerized by her immaculate pitch and phrasing. LaMott suffered from Crohn’s disease most of her life, endured painful relationships, and usually barely had enough money to survive, yet she can be seen in these shows discussing her hardships and emotional sorrows, and then deriving from them the appropriate level of intensity to personally touch each member of her audience with her voice. Singing is a hearing art, and these performances showcase LaMott as a master of this art.

  • rpkoenig

    I just received my copy of the first Nanvy LaMott cd from you;;;what a pleasure!!! the trouble is that it will be [probably] a while to get number two of the five;;have played same three times ;;what an early xmas present thanks ;;;,p.s. cant get the final tune re;xmas out of my head;;although i have it all/ready on her xmas c.d.


NANCY LAMOTT The Nancy LaMott Story: Nancy LaMott, probably the greatest singer of American Popular Standards of her generation, was on the verge of stardom when she was struck down, at the age of 43, by uterine cancer. Nancy came…