Winter Tracks

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  • “This Broadway singing star is a high-voltage performer who dominates a stage with a galvanizing presence. [Listening to her] is like an all night conversation with your best friend.”

    — Los Angeles Times
  • “Egan’s voice [is] the perfect Broadway instrument: a balanced combination of technique and moxie.”

    — The Orange County Register
  • “Susan Egan is divine.”

    — New York Magazine
  • “Egan is electrifying …”

    — New York Post
  • “[Her] powerhouse voice will change the way you hear [these songs] from now on.”

    — Associated Press
  • “[Egan's] sharply focused soprano … is beguiling in the extreme.”

    — Variety
  • “Susan is svelte, sexy and sensational…. And boy can she belt!”

    — Liz Smith, New York Post
  • “She has a knockout [voice and] sings the guts out of [these] magnificent songs.”

    — Newsday
  • “Egan sings only as an accomplished musician can.”

    — USA Today

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Susan Egan has traversed all four corners of the entertainment industry, making powerful impressions in theatre, film, television and music. She was last seen on Broadway in the title role of Thoroughly Modern Millie; she won critical acclaim as Broadway’s…