About Melora Hardin

In February of 2010, Melora Hardin will add another jewel to her crown of achievements: Recording Artist. Having been a successful Hollywood actress since a very young age, music has always been a passion that she simply did not have the time to pursue. She landed Director Richard Jay-Alexander (who has worked with stars like Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Ricky Martin, Bernadette Peters, and Johnny Mathis) to build an act with her. It debuted in Los Angeles with stellar reviews, deeming it “a hit”. She then continued acting, filming box office hits “17 Again” and “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, all the while continuing to star in “The Office”. Additionally, Hardin just made her directorial debut with the feature film entitled, “YOU,” currently available on DVD and online at Amazon.com, iTunes and www.YouTheFilm.com. Then along came an opportunity on Broadway and a stunning debut as ‘Roxie Hart’ in the smash long-running hit, CHICAGO. Writing and performing songs since the age of 8, she has sung in many productions including the Disney feature “The Rocketeer” where she was honored to work with the legendary arranger Billy May. She also played the chanteuse ghost in the Disney TV movie “Tower of Terror” and a crazy cabaret singer in the short-lived series “Man & Machine” where she was produced by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame. Hardin has previously self-released two albums of her original songs called “The Meloradrama” and “Purr” both of which have a large cult following. While in production working in New Orleans this year on a new film called, “Knucklehead,” due out April of 2010, in which she stars, she simultaneously recorded a live album titled, “All the Way to Mars” making this Hardin’s first nationally distributed album. December 1st of this year Melora will also release a beautiful, original Christmas single titled, “Come Home with Me for Christmas” which people can download exclusively on iTunes. With all that she’s been doing it’s a wonder how she still found the time to go in and record a full studio album. “All The Way To Mars” features songs from Broadway, standards, Pop, and a few that she wrote herself. People who have heard advances of the upcoming album are amazed by the versatility and range that Hardin exhibits. The album will be released on the LML Music Label February 9, 2010 and will be available in stores nationwide and online at Amazon & iTunes. Hardin currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband actor/writer, Gildart Jackson, and their two young daughters. (www.melora.com)

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