About Various Artists--For The Record: Tarantino

The FOR THE RECORD series breathes a new kind of life into the movies by adapting the works of great directors to a live theatrical concert setting.

It's a unique form of live entertainment that immerses its audiences in the worlds of cinema and music. The series features stars from stage, record and screen as well as new, rising performers embodying iconic movie characters and giving them new voices.

The idea of the FOR THE RECORD series was born out of  desire to tap into the pulse of Hollywood while simultaneously developing a new style of entertainment which would have a universal appeal.  Creative partners Shane Scheel and Christopher Lloyd Bratten drew from their combined experience in music, production, theatre and live entertainment to conceive a series that would pay homage to great directors.  The twist, however, was to turn each their films on its head and tell the stories through their soundtracks.

We've all had the experience of watching a movie and being so thrilled or moved by a song playing under a memorable scene.  The FOR THE RECORD series brings the music to the foreground and puts the songs into the voices of the characters from the movie.

Each FOR THE RECORD show masterfully blends songs and scenes from the canon of work by one of film's top directors.  Shane and Chris felt there was no better place to start than with Quentin Tarantino.  Known for his brilliant use of music in his films, Tarantino was the original inspiration for the  FOR THE RECORD series.  His dangerous, sexy, slick and gritty films provided the perfect playground.  What started out originally as a straightforward concert quickly evolved into the current format with the addition of scenes from the movies, clever staging, choreography and rich vocal harmonies.

Shane and Chris didn't stop at Tarantino. They have given their unique treatment to John Hughes, Baz Luhrmann, The Coen Brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson and

Martin Scorsese.