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Gloria Loring, best known as the former “Liz Chandler” on “Days of Our Lives,” is releasing a new CD, “By Request,” that was created in response to email requests from…

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About By Request…

Gloria Loring, best known as the former “Liz Chandler” on “Days of Our Lives,” is releasing a new CD, “By Request,” that was created in response to email requests from around the world. While Gloria was on “Days,” she was consistently voted in the top ten most popular actresses in daytime TV. The widespread use of the Internet and email has given fans a direct link to artists such as Ms. Loring, making it easier to get questions and requests answered. This CD is the outcome of that direct access.

The song list was assembled from dozens of requests which began, “I loved the song you sang called… Did you ever record it?” Gloria kept having to say, “no, I didn?t record that one.” She noticed that many of the same songs kept getting requested again and again. She compiled a list of the most requested songs and sent an email asking fans to vote for their favourites. The winners are contained on her CD “By Request”.

“By Request” has been released by her own record company, Silk Purse Productions, and is distributed by LMLMusic and via her web site,

Praise for By Request…

  • “The new CD, By Request, is phenomenal. I love it. The songs are all great, especially “Quiet Please” and “How Do I Live Without You.”
    D. Shores

    When one thinks of the great American ladies of song, the names Ella, Sarah, Barbra and Judy immediately come to mind. The magical combination of vocal instrumentation, interpretation and tremendous empathy with the audience have become the hallmarks of that greatness. Among the very few who fit that definition today would be Gloria Loring. This lovely lady of song has the amazing ability to not only mesmerize the listener with her sensitivity to the lyric, but also amaze with the power of her vocal instrument. No matter the venue, hearing Gloria Loring is a memorable experience.
    Chuck Southcott, Vice President-Programming Music of Your Life Radio Network

    Every album you do gets better than the last and I can’t figure out how that could be possible. Your singing on this one is so wonderfully sensitive and delicate. Everything fits together. Larry Steelman’s playing is the best . . . sensitive to the singer and innovative in conversation. My favorite vocal rendition is song number 2, “Tonight I Celebrate.” Also loved the medley arrangement of “How Do I LIve” and “Con Te Partiro.”
    Grammy Award winner singer Darlene Koldenhoven

    Gloria bills the songs on her latest CD as “just piano and voice, the way Liz used to sing all her songs on Days.” This is exactly what makes this CD special. Gloria’s soul shows through in each song, as it seems she’s singing right in your living room. Only a true singer can perform without all the modern bells and whistles and still have a quality CD. Gloria shows she is indeed a true performer with this latest venture. My personal favorites include two of her classics from Days, “Here, There and Everywhere,” and “Quiet Please, There’s a Lady On Stage,” which Liz sang during the 1984 Juvenile Diabetes benefit concert. These are performed on the CD in much the way they sounded on the show many years ago. My new favorite is her version of “I Get a Kick out of You,” which she sang during her year on tour as “Reno Sweeney” in “Anything Goes.” For you Bo and Hope fans, you can find Gloria’s interpretation of “Tonight, I Celebrate my Love,” which she sang on specifically for the couple. This CD is made up of songs that her fans requested she record. Let’s hope there’s a volume two somewhere down the road, which will bring us even more of our favorites.”

    — Beth Porchey
  • “This latest release is another in a series of excellent vocal albums by Gloria Loring, who has been a mainstay of the popular song scene for more than 20 years. The play bill is made up of tunes identified by fans as favorites in an e-mail poll. As one would expect, the result is a mix of standards, show tunes, and adult pop by the cream of songsmiths, from collaborations by Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart to those of John Lennon/Paul McCartney. Despite the many years in the performing trenches, Loring’s voice has lost not one iota of its clear-as-a-bell diction, perfect pitch, and her sensitivity to the lyrics. But if there is one quality that sets Loring’s voice apart, it is the sincerity she attaches to each song. It simply oozes on such offerings as “It Never Entered My Mind,” where she and pianist Larry Steelman turn this favorite standard into a love poem. Even though “Quiet Please, There’s a Lady Stage” has been in Loring’s play book virtually her entire career, its delivery is anything but routine, as the exquisite poignancy coupled with a “the show must go on” determination is still there. The album’s premier track is the medley of tunes that run a gamut of feelings. “It’s All in the Game” is filled with chin-up determination, while sweet regret is the theme of “Once Upon a Time,” all backed by tasteful instrumentation helping to create the right mood. If this request album is any measure, Loring’s fans enjoy songs which move and inspire. There’s absolutely no fluff here. The outcome firmly confirms Loring’s ability to successfully pull together material from different genres and generations into a thoroughly enjoyable concert of song. Strongly recommended.”

    — Dave Nathan – AMG Expert Review
  • “I wanted to write to you and thank you for such a wonderful album, I just received my copies of By Request and each and every song is a gem. Your voice has never been better. Listening to this album makes me feel like you’re in the room singing.

    I have enjoyed all your music, but I had to tell you I really love the way you did this album, just you and the piano, perfect!”

    — T. Burgess
  • “She told stories with the panache of Lena Horne, sang torch songs like Judy Garland, and scatted with the rhythmic thrust of a young Ella Fitzgerald. She did all of this with one of the best vocal instruments in pop music since the salad days of Barbara Streisand.”

    — Don Heckman of the Los Angeles Times

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Having upwards of 1000 appearances on television as both a singer and an actress, Gloria Loring brings a familiar face and name to everything she does. She is the recording artist of the #1 hit song Friends and Lovers; co-composer…