Freeway Dreams

Starring Deborah Tranelli (“Bethany”), Lee Lucas (“Jeff-Kevin”), Brenda Silas Moore (“Ms. Power), Wayne Moore (“Redfern”) and Bryan Miller (“Bryan”) Song order: FREEWAY – Ensemble DREAMS – Lee Lucas & Ensemble…

Album art for Freeway Dreams

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About Freeway Dreams…

Starring Deborah Tranelli (“Bethany”), Lee Lucas (“Jeff-Kevin”), Brenda Silas Moore (“Ms. Power), Wayne Moore (“Redfern”) and Bryan Miller (“Bryan”)

Song order:
FREEWAY – Ensemble
DREAMS – Lee Lucas & Ensemble
A BIG WOMAN NEEDS A BIG MAN – Brenda Silas Moore
… AND A PIZZA TO GO – Lee Lucas
MY SUPERMAN – Deborah Tranelli
WHAT IF THE OTHER GUY WINS? – Lee Lucas, Wayne Moore & Bryan Miller
JUST A FANTASY – Wayne Moore
DONCHA WANNA KNOW? – Deborah Tranelli
I HAVE THIS FRIEND – Brenda Silas Moore
SPECIAL – Ensemble

Praise for Freeway Dreams…

  • “Wayne Moore’s ‘FREEWAY DREAMS’. A brilliantly original journey through the ups and downs of this sometimes charming city.”

    — L.A. Reader
  • “If you attended the Cabaret Convention last fall at Town Hall, you will remember composer Wayne Moore and his wife, Brenda Silas-Moore who stopped the show with two songs: “A Big Woman Needs A Big Man” and “The Bette Davis Chorus”. These two songs come from this intimate musical for which Moore wrote the music and lyrics and collaborated with Michael Greer on the book. The show involves five commuters who are stuck on the L.A. Freeway. The musical focuses on each character and his/her respective daydreams. The lyrics are witty and clever and telling about each of the characters. This was originally produced at Tom Rolla’s Gardenia in Los Angeles and would make a welcome addition to cabaret/theatre pieces here in Manhattan, too!”

    — CAB Magazine
  • “FREEWAY DREAMS (A New L.A. Musical) was staged in January 1992 in Los Angeles where it was directed by actor Michael Greer (The Gay Deceivers, Fortune And Men’s Eyes) and had a four-month run. It’s an unpretentious little show by Wayne Moore (Greer helped on the book, with one number by Moore and Jason Blume) who also played one of its five characters. They are commuters, stuck in freeway traffic, and as they wait for the gridlock to disperse they begin to daydream, their dreams emerging through songs such as ‘Manic-Depressive Blues’, ‘A Big Woman Needs A Big Man’, ‘…And A Pizza To Go’, ‘My Superman’ and ‘What If The Other Guy Wins?’ These and other numbers like ‘Doncha Wanna Know?’ have often amusing lyrics (movie fans will love ‘The Bette Davis Chorus’), occasionally hitting the mark in satirizing the L.A. lifestyle. The cast members – Moore, Lee Lucas, Bryan Miller, Brenda Silas-Moore and Deborah Tranelli, with director Greer heard as radio announcers – perform their numbers personably.”

    — Theater Week
  • “Wayne Moore is back in the studio working on a new album, which will be good news to his many fans in the L.A. area. But if you can’t wait for the new work, pick up a copy of FREEWAY DREAMS, the cast recording of the cabaret show that ran for five months recently at the Gardenia. Wayne says that he wrote the show about an ‘optimistic L.A.’. Sound bizarre? It’s anything but. In essence, the show is about people stuck on the freeway, and the fantasies they have in their lives. ‘Actually, they’re stuck so long they end up in each others’ fantasies, so there’s lots of funny stuff’, Wayne says. After writing lots of songs about Hollywood and not have a single place to showcase them, he came up with the show. After padding it with a few more songs, ‘We crammed a piano, bass, drums and five singers onto that little stage at the Gardenia and just did it’, he recalls. The CD itself features everything from the show, with the original cast, so if you didn’t see it live, here’s a great way to have your own Freeway Dream.”

    — Drama-Logue
  • “Interesting concept – it was bound to happen someday. FREEWAY DREAMS is an interesting portrayal of life in L.A. It has a few awesome songs, as well as its share of second-rate ones. I highly recommend it for the title song which appears [at] the show’s beginning and its end.”


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