Secret Places

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Jazz vocalist Sharon Azrieli enchants us with this romantic Michel Legrand songbook. Tracks include Legrand classics such as the Oscar-winning “Windmills from your Mind” and the unearthed title track “Secret Places”. Ms. Azrieli is known for her “top-drawer cabaret-jazz” singing, which “has, always, a naturalistic freshness … with balance and grace.” [Blogcritics]. Tracks in English and French.


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The album your about to hear is a combination of genre.  A multitude of style of singing.  Having always had an eclectic taste of music, ranging, Neo Classical, Electro House, Pop-Opera to Scandi-Nordic Noir, as well as the likes of Cirque du Soleil, & Eurovision!!  Having always been fascinated with the voice and how as a musical theatre Actor, working in the West End & all over the world, I have played Pop Rock, Classic Musical Theatre and even Opera. But it is my love of the counter tenor sound which has enthralled me the most.

So it is with “KOPFKINO” Which I have both recorded & edited in Lock down over the past 4 months of 2020, that I decided on the set list for this Album, fusing different vocal aspects with my fav styles. I do hope you enjoy.

A Pre-Existing Condition

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Mix the truthfulness of Johnny Cash and the pure tones of Nat King Cole in a shaker and pour yourself a strong cocktail of Michael Winters, straight up. Winters has accomplished in only one year what most singers aspire to achieve in a decade. From karaoke crooner to major contender in the vast pool of professional recording artists, Winters’ story, culminating in this recording, should inspire anybody who has a creative dream.
In 1989 I was seated at a dinner party next to superstar Al Jarreau. Our host was playing a bootleg recording of the soon-to-be Voice of the Hour, Harry Connick, Jr. Jarreau, amused by our host’s delight in sharing this music, turned to me and said, “It’s so cool to find a new sound.” I agree. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy that experience, because Michael Winters is that new sound.


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SARASOTA, D.C. Anderson’s twelfth recording – his eighth for LML MUSIC, finds D.C. in a playful mood with original parodies of Charles Chaplin’s ‘Smile’ titled ‘Frown’, Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart’s ‘Johnny One Note’ skewering today’s ‘riff’ happy songsters titled ‘Jack the Riffer’ and his musical suggestion that Dolly Parton may have wanted to focus her displeasure on her husband ‘Carl Dean’ before begging ‘Jolene’ not to take her man (rendered on SARASOTA by Madalyn McHugh). New light hearted songs co-written with Chicago’s Elizabeth Doyle give suggestions to actors dreading the night sweats during rehearsals – ‘Actor’s Prayer’ and to the partner of a lover who cannot seem to give voice to ‘I love you’ – ‘Buy Me Something’. D.C.’s sister, Claudia, has written beautiful melodies to the ballads ‘Some Big Love’ and ‘You’re Lucky’. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES’ composer Matt Vinson has partnered with D.C. in a musical reaction to the POTUS, boasting of greeting refugees of repressive/unsupportive governments with ‘Beautiful Barbed Wire’. A collaboration with Robert Sprayberry produced the haunting, ‘Ever the Broken Wing’. Equally pensive is Andre Catrini’s first co-write with D.C. titled ‘Nothing of Us’.
As is often the case, D.C.’s love of the Great American Songbook is reflected in his recordings of Thelonious Monk’s ‘Round Midnight’, Gaskill and McHugh’s ‘I Can’t Believe That You’re in Love with Me’, Andre, Schwandt and Kahn’s ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’, Burke and Van Heusen’s ‘But Beautiful’ and a song made famous by his daughter, Ricki Lee Jones is Richard Loris Jones’ ‘The Moon is Made of Gold’.

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