Dreams of Christmas

Posted at 7:19 am by Lee Lessack

When the guests have all gone home and the children are asleep, this romantic and comforting album will soothe and calm you as you recall magical Christmas memories.

Shades of Blue

Posted at 10:15 am by Lee Lessack

Things I’ve Learned Along the Way

Posted at 12:48 pm by Lee Lessack

Known for years as a versatile and prolific Broadway and “pop” composer and also as a fine arranger/conductor for many top performers, Shelly has always been known for being able to sing extremely well. He finally  listened to all his friends that told him he  must do his own solo CD.  Arriving late in the scene as a soloist, Shelly decided to do a very honest collection of songs that deal with maturity.  Titled THINGS I’VE LEARNED ALONG THE WAY, the songs are what might be “Adult Adult Contemporary”.  Collaborating with some of his favorite lyricist and two guest singers, the songs celebrate wisdom and the wonders of love at any age.

Midnight Caravan

Posted at 9:55 am by Lee Lessack

Straight from New York’s Feinstein’s at the Regency, “Midnight Caravan” salutes the great women singing stars of the 1940s and ’50s–from Ella Fitzgerald to Judy Garland to Rosemary Clooney–as they reign over the swanky, sexy supper clubs of the era.  From sultry ballads to hot Latin jazz arrangements of Broadway tunes, the show features classic standards like “My Romance,” “Shall We Dance” and “Caravan,” and conjures a nighttime, Mad Men world where the surroundings are posh, the drinks keep flowing, and nobody goes to bed before three.

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