A Quiet Thing

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Two powerful musical talents intertwine their voices and hearts for a debut album that is simply breathtaking. Featuring tracks with the original company of “Forever Plaid” and the Los Angeles company of “Rocky Horror Show”!”

What’s A Brayne And Wenda?

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

3 Men and a Baby … Grand! Salute the Rat Pack

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Broadway and Recording Artists, Brian Lane Green, Lee Lessack, and Johnny Rodgers join voices in  “3 Men and a Baby…Grand: Salute the Rat Pack”.   Recorded LIVE during their engagement at Founders Hall at Orange County Performing Arts Center.  Their harmonies are incredible and individually each one brings star-power to the stage.

An Enchanted Evening: The Music Of Broadway

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

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