Wide Awake & Dreaming

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Hailed by the critics, this debut solo CD was awarded the 2004 Back Stage Bistro Award for Excellance in a Recording.

From the liner notes:

“A note for the listener….
I have always been attracted to the Art Song for its dramatic character and rich melodic accompaniment. The dynamics exchanged between the voice, the lyric, and the piano resonate at the center of the art song’s emotional density and character. For the intimate setting of this recording, there are two equal voices, and therefore the complete and soulful collaboration with pianist Philip Fortenberry was invaluable.

It is the technology and overtones chosen for this intimate mix that introduce the third person….the listener can choose who they want to be…..

The original title song, WIDE AWAKE AND DREAMING, delicately reflects the echoes of our subconscious, and influenced the choice of repertoire for this recording. Together the voice, as the subconscious, and the piano, as the dream entity, illuminate the emotions stirred by our dreams. Dreams that weave our inner most thoughts….WIDE AWAKE AND DREAMING.


Love Is The Thing

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

“Love Is The Thing” is a superlative collection of jazz and American popular standards, all united by an emerging musical star. Rondi Charleston proves herself as a jazz singer – she can swing in any tempo and puts a glorious sense of space, soul and simplicity in her ballads. “Love Is The Thing” features an all-star lineup of some of the world’s finest jazzmen.

A Little Travelin’ Music

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Blue Skies

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

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