Got A Little Story

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Take a recipe perfected by Sinatra seasoned with equal parts Billie Holiday and Streisand. Add a teaspoon of Ella, a dash of Peggy Lee and the result arranged by the extraordinary Chris Walden is pure heaven; ten fresh delectable numbers ranging from Big Band Swing to Easy Listening and Latin. Ms. D’Amico’s lush emotional colorings are full of depth and longing, expressing a unique point of view, an intimate outpouring of an incurable romantic’s heart and soul. With her cover girl looks, Italian-American roots and easy style, it’s no surprise Tamela D’Amico’s been dubbed “Sinatra in heels”. And like her predecessor, her talents stretch into the world of film and television, both as an actress and an award-winning writer/director but that’s another story!

Beautiful Baby

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Latin Roots

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

“These are the rhythms of my soul”, Lucie Arnaz says of her new LATIN ROOTS CD to be released on the LML Music label. And indeed it is. An eclectic celebration of her musical heritage, Lucie Arnaz, playfully wends her way through some pop contemporary south of the border sounds, enduring American standards, sensually enhanced by a Brazilian accent or basted by a bossa nova beat, takes on the fiery Latin classics of her father, Desi Arnaz, includes a song penned with his grandson, her musician-composer son, Joe Luckinbill and his godmother, her longtime collaborator, Grammy winning artist, Madeline Stone and a tune her father wrote for her mother which has never been recorded before.

Consider It Swung

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

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