David Gurland

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Shiny And New

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With his debut album Shiny and New, Broadway performer and New York cabaret artist Jonathan Rayson brings a wonderfully eclectic combination of songs that tells a very personal story. Written by some of the 1970s’ greatest songwriters and backed by some of the Twin Cities’ finest musicians, the CD features a great variety of acoustic and full-band tracks with vocals that range from vulnerable to powerful. The natural emotionality and easy soulfulness of Jonathan’s voice combined with his musical storytelling capability is sure to completely capture any listener.

David Burnham

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Jim Caruso…Live And In Person

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Chip Deffaa, New York Post – “This is a show … hip, knowing and inside … that is as engaging as any seen all year. It’s a cabaret-lover’s dream.” Rex Reed, New York Observer – “This is an unbeatable act of jazz, pop, comedy and conversation that is different from anything else in town. The music and humor is several cuts above the rest”.

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