Ain’t We Got Fun!

Posted at 11:36 pm by Lee Lessack

An infectious, vintage-sounding collection of American standard classics, largely from the early decades of the 20th Century. Creighton, a young, veteran song and dance man of the Broadway stage, will have listeners  tapping their toes and crooning along!

Call It Home

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

The highly anticipated collaboration between Seattle’s favorite composer and Portland’s leading lady has arrived. CALL IT HOME is truly a “Best of the Northwest” event filled with Richard Gray’s singular brand of contemporary musical storytelling, interpreted through the powerhouse voice of Susannah Mars. This is a must have!

David Burnham

Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter


Posted at 1:45 pm by Peter

Musical Director: R.J. Tancioco
Percussion: Matthew Burgess
Bass: Dave Pascal
Guitars: John High
Violin: Alicia Reinhart
Additional Orchestrations: Joseph Tancioco

Recording Engineer: Donn Devore
Additional Engineering: Kelly Campbell
Assistant Engineer: Hiro Ninagawa
Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle WA.

Mixed at Avast Recording, Seattle WA.
Additional Vocal Recorded at the Woodhouse, Westwood CA.
Mastered by Universal Mastering West, N. Hollywood CA.
Photos by Theo & Juliet

Branding/Packaging by Edwin Santiago

Produced by Ted I. Benito & Jennifer Paz

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